'My Home the Chilterns' - A Chiltern Stories competition

‘My Home the Chilterns’ – A Chiltern Stories competition

As part of the Chiltern Stories festival, we held a Children’s Story competition aimed at Key Stage 2 and 3.

The Competition

The competition was aimed at ages 7 – 15 and themed around our Understanding the Chilterns project aims.

The entrants were encouraged to think about:

  • How were the Chilterns special in the past?
  • How are the Chilterns special today?
  • How are the Chilterns represented in print?
  • How are the Chilterns at risk?

Chilterns ANOB

The participants were asked to write a story of maximum 500 words in either non-fictional, fictional, soundscape or spoken word or in poetry form. Their stories focussed on:

  • The Chilterns as your home in past, present or future
  • What does home mean to you, and how does, or doesn’t, the Chilterns fit into that?
  • What is a home in the Chilterns like, or could be in an ideal world?
  • How do other people view the Chilterns as home either in reality, in cultural representation, and does this view differ or corelate with your view?
  • What piece of the Chiltern’s would you take with you were you to find a new home?
  • What is special about your home the Chilterns?

Prize Giving Ceremony

From over 40 entries, 8 winners, with one overall winner, were selected by a judging panel which consisted of members of Wycombe Museum and the Chalk, Cherries and Chairs team.

Each winner won a copy of their own book, illustrated by Author in Me and a ‘Discover and Make’ voucher for the museum. The overall winner also won a schools education session for their school.

A prize giving event was held at Wycombe Museum in July 2023. It was a special day for all involved.

Chilterns ANOB

We would like to thank all the children who got involved in the competition! We hope you feel more connected with your home, the Chilterns.

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Chilterns ANOB