Landscape Connections

Landscape Connections

The Central Chilterns has some of the most special wildlife habitats in the UK...

… But increased visitor numbers, modern farming practices, changes in land ownership and unprecedented new development bring a scale of pressure that few other areas face.

Grassland, woodland and freshwater habitats are home to specialist and declining species such as grey partridge, corn bunting, Adonis blue butterfly and Chiltern gentian. Where habitats are being protected and managed, species can thrive and grow in number, but many of these sites have become islands in the wider landscape, limiting the possibilities for flora and fauna to increase their range and become familiar features of our landscape once more.

Chalk, Cherries and Chairs’ Landscape Connections project is all about building on the well-established and managed sites, and making physical connections (or corridors) between them and between the wildlife that call them home. The project works with landowners (including farmers, estate owners and conservation organisations) to motivate and support them to manage more of their land for the benefit of wildlife and landscape conservation.

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How will we achieve this?

This is a huge task, and so the Landscape Connections project contains several smaller projects under three themes:

  1. Effective engagement of landowners, promoting collaborative working and learning
  2. Creating, restoring and managing habitats through direct capital investment
  3. Practical support to landowners for establishing and managing habitats, including volunteer work parties and specialist advice.

This activity will take place in ten areas:

  • eight Biodiversity Opportunity and/or Conservation Target Areas (where there is greatest opportunity for improvement)
  • the ‘Vale Buffer Strip’ (along river courses beyond the Chilterns National Landscape into the Vale of Aylesbury)
  • the ‘HS2 3km Buffer Zone’ (an area at high risk from habitat degradation and disconnection both during the build and afterwards).

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Our Trainee Rangers are now fully fledged!

From 2022 to 2023, Chalk, Cherries and Chairs provided two 12-month traineeships at Chiltern Rangers to kick-off careers in conservation for those who came to the role.

Help us save a local woodland and preserve a beautiful piece of the Chilterns landscape with all its wildlife!

Save a local woodland! Finings Wood Community Group are running an appeal to raise £30,000 to save this precious wildlife space.

Out and About: November Conservation Stories

A big thank you to all of our partners and volunteers for their hard work in 2022- here is a summary of some of our great days out and hard work.