Herdsmans Moor

Herdsmans Moor is close to Hemel Hempstead and is part of the Box Moor Trust Estate.

In the 1970’s to combat falling numbers of graziers’ animals on the moor, an arrangement was made with the Rare Breeds Survival trust to introduce the endangered breed of Shetland cattle to the moor. These proved unsuitable for various reasons and the Shetland cattle were gradually replaced by Belted Galloways.  These cattle are a hardy, slow maturing breed from the Scottish Borders that suit the Trust’s purpose of maintaining the moors and commons as naturally as possible. With the policy of not using artificial fertilisers, chemical sprays or high performance feed, the cattle have to be a type that can withstand the more traditional methods of animal husbandry.

There are also a number of horse chestnut trees on the common.

There is a public footpath running the length of the Common.

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