Welcome to Chilterns National Landscape

Welcome to Chilterns National Landscape

Welcome to Chilterns National Landscape – the new name for this designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

We have a new name and logo, but this is still the same beautiful place it’s always been; a place where people live and work, and come to breathe.

All areas of outstanding natural beauty in England and Wales have become National Landscapes – to highlight their equal place with National Parks in their roles in providing sustainable public access, addressing climate change and delivering nature recovery.

Chilterns ANOB

This is a significant milestone in fully realising National Landscapes’ vision to be leading exemplars of how thriving, diverse communities can work with and for nature in the UK – enhancing the beauty of the landscape, restoring ecosystems, providing food, storing carbon to mitigate the effects of climate change, safeguarding against drought and flooding, while also nurturing people’s health and wellbeing.

Our mission is to enhance and conserve this National Landscape and to make sure everyone can enjoy it, because there’s space for many more stories to be told.

What does this mean for the Chilterns?

  • The region has become the Chilterns National Landscape.
  • It is still a designated area of outstanding natural beauty.
  • Our purpose is the same: to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the Chilterns; to increase understanding and enjoyment of its special qualities; and to foster the social and economic well-being of local communities.

National Landscapes: where stories come to life

You are a part of our story. Outstanding beauty isn’t only found in nature, but in communities working together to grow, change, and thrive.

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Chilterns ANOB
Chilterns ANOB

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