Friends of Priestfield Arboretum

Friends of Priestfield Arboretum

Priestfield Arboretum is a privately owned tree collection situated within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Little Kingshill, Buckinghamshire.

It contains both broadleafed trees and conifers, with all genera that are hardy in the UK being represented in the collection. There are approximately 200 specimen trees representing about 180 different species, including two National Champions, in the 5.2 acre site.

Management and maintenance is supported by the Friends of Priestfield Arboretum. Membership of the Friends costs just £10 per year.  Friends receive a quarterly newsletter, a free Guide Book, and have access to the Arboretum at all reasonable times.  Or join our group of volunteers:  weed, build bonfires, pull brambles, mow, lop, and saw in beautiful scenery and good company for a couple of hours once a month (usually 3rd Sunday mornings).  Volunteers enjoy all the Friends’ membership benefits free!

Volunteers are given free membership to the Friends of Priestfield Arboretum. Liability insurance is in place for voluntary work. On site work parties are normally held for 2 hours once a month on the third Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00.

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