What we do

What we do

We are the Chilterns Conservation Board. Our vision is that the Chilterns will be cared for forever and for everyone.

The Chilterns is a place where people are inspired by its distinctive natural beauty, space and tranquillity, to enjoy and care for the landscape. A place where natural beauty and cultural heritage is celebrated and enhanced. A place which gives space for nature to flourish, and which provides us with the ingredients for healthy living, such as clean water, healthy soils and thriving wildlife. A place where communities live, work and breathe.

The Chilterns is a haven for people and wildlife.

As a statutory body, the Chilterns Conservation Board (CCB) doesn’t own or manage land itself, but works with those who do, such as farmers, non-governmental organisations, community environmental groups, utility companies, local authorities and developers. Together, we find ways to conserve and enhance the special qualities of the Chilterns, and to enable people to understand and enjoy them. The Chilterns is such a diverse area – from species-rich chalk grassland to ancient woodlands, iron age hillforts to bustling market towns, it is full of life and character, which we aim to enhance and protect.

We work to promote sustainable tourism and business in ways that are compatible with the conservation of nature and wildlife in the Chilterns and across our boundaries. We also strive to influence planning and development in the AONB to ensure that decisions, new plans and land-use changes are right for both the local landscape and the local people.

Our guiding tool is the Chilterns AONB Management Plan, which sets out the vision, policies and actions for the management of the AONB from 2019 to 2024, helping all those with a responsibility for the AONB to care for it for current and future generations. From influencing planning applications to uncovering prehistoric remains, instigating citizen-science wildlife surveys to protecting rare chalk streams, all that we do is driven by our Management Plan.

Follow the links below to find out more about the work we do to conserve and enhance the Chilterns.

What we do

Managing our landscapes

We strive to enhance our landscape and support nature’s recovery, while staying true to the Chilterns’ rich heritage and character.

Influencing planning and development

We aim to ensure that the AONB’s special qualities are recognised, conserved and enhanced across strategies, plans, decisions and activities.

Working together

We bring the different communities and peoples within the AONB together to make big things happen for people and wildlife.

Future-proofing the Chilterns

Discover our plans and ambitions for securing the future of the Chilterns AONB for generations to come.

Promoting sustainable tourism and business

We promote sustainable tourism across one of the country’s most popular and pressured landscapes, benefitting local businesses and communities.

Preserving history

The Chilterns AONB is an ancient landscape with traces of bygone eras and previous settlers still visible today.

Challenging High Speed 2 (HS2)

Find out how we are tackling the challenges and opportunities presented by High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) in the Chilterns.

Combatting climate change

We are in a climate emergency. Climate change impacts everyone and everything, so we must work to secure our future.

Supporting landowners and farmers

We support landowners, managers and farmers to look after the Chilterns AONB, both protecting habitats and enhancing the economy.

Getting everyone involved

Do you want to be part of the Chilterns’ future? Our work’s not just for experts, everyone can get involved!