Chilterns Heritage and Archaeology Partnership (CHAP)

Chilterns Heritage and Archaeology Partnership (CHAP)

The Chilterns Conservation Board is delighted to announce the Chilterns Heritage and Archaeology Partnership (CHAP), an exciting new endeavour which is set to be the ‘voice for archaeology’ in the Chilterns AONB, ensuring that the millennia-long story of the region is shared with the millions who live in and visit.


The Chilterns landscapes and the habitats they support are conserved, enhanced, and sustainably managed in balance with the protection and enjoyment of their archaeological legacy. The narrative of human-nature interconnectedness is shared widely for future generations and opportunities are created for diverse audiences for all Chilterns communities to participate in the discovery of the past, in order to better understand the present, and plan for the future.

The Innovation

CHAP will be the driving force in the conservation and sustainable management of heritage and archaeological assets in the Chilterns, working in partnership with organisations and local communities throughout the AONB and environs to effect significant and lasting positive change. Significantly, CHAP can serve as a flagship model for other protected landscapes – the first of its kind in vision. 

The deliverables

  • A coordinated vision and action plan for heritage and archaeology at a landscape scale across the Chilterns
  • Raising awareness of the importance of our Chilterns archaeological and heritage features, the need to conserve them, and to communicate the stories they tell with the millions who live and visit the AONB
  • Provide a consistent presence on archaeology and heritage, ensuring long-term best practice management
  • Be a driving force in developing and maintaining citizen science networks
  • Work with local groups to carry out surveys to assess the condition of heritage sites
  • Facilitate a means for partners to engage with local communities through a medium that always provokes excitement (archaeological discovery)
  • Undertaking practical conservation work to improve condition in relevant heritage locations
  • Providing educational resources for schools to help children understand the history and prehistory of the Chilterns
  • Providing archaeological skills training to volunteer groups, local societies, and external organisations
  • Improving physical access to heritage sites where appropriate, and providing information Chilterns history and archaeology
  • Facilitating strong partnership working at both regional and national levels
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Stay updated with our progress

If you’re interested in what CHAP will be getting up to and would like to be kept up-to-date with all of the latest news and information about the initiative, please sign up to the CHAP bi-monthly newsletter. 

Meet the team

Chilterns ANOB

Dr Wendy Morrison

Role: Heritage and Archaeology Manager
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