Berkhamsted Castle

Berkhamsted Castle

The remains of a great 12th century castle, maintained by English Heritage. Used in the past by many kings and queens

One of England’s hidden heritage hotspots. Located just 25 miles outside London, Berkhamsted Castle is steeped in over 950 years of history. It was here that the Anglo-Saxons surrendered to William, Duke of Normandy in December 1066, and he became “The Conqueror”. Within these walls have walked numerous English Kings and Queens, Thomas Becket, Edward the Black Prince and Geoffrey Chaucer. For centuries, Berkhamsted Castle was a royal stronghold. From the Norman Conquest onward, kings, queens and princes lived within the castle walls and shaped the course of English history.


The castle is located immediately east of Berkhamsted Railway Station, on Brownlow Road.

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Berkhamsted Castle