Harrow & Hope Vineyard

Harrow & Hope Vineyard

Harrow & Hope Vineyard overlooks the River Thames on the beautiful rolling hillsides of Marlow. Tours and tastings are offered

Over half a million years, our part of the Chiltern Hills has been shaped by the retreating Thames, leaving behind an environment ideal for creating world-class sparkling wine. Alas, the same flint rocks that make our single vineyard estate a dream for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, also make it a nightmare to work and cultivate – as two broken harrows testify. But then nothing worth treasuring ever came easy. Grown, picked and expertly blended by the same team on the same site, each glass of Harrow & Hope is a tribute to traditional method viticulture and winemaking, to the unique characteristics of Marlow and to the spirit of adventure. Harrow and Hope offer tours of thir vineyard from £25 and sell a range of their own wines in shop and online.

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