The Chilterns AONB Review Group

Although the Chilterns Conservation Board remains steadfast in its view that HS2 will have a significant and lasting negative impact on the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it continues to work with the Chilterns AONB Review Group and relevant partners to secure the best possible outcome for the environment despite the decision.

Chilterns AONB Review Group – seeking an exemplar design for HS2 through the Chilterns

A Review Group has been established, comprised of local authorities in the Chilterns affected by HS2, the Chilterns Conservation Board, Natural England, Department for Transport and HS2 Ltd.  The group was formed following the approval of a proposal put to the HS2 Select Committee by the CCB, Buckinghamshire County Council and Chiltern, Wycombe and Aylesbury Vale District Councils.

The Group had its first meeting in April 2016 and will meet regularly. It has a £3m budget to support identification and delivery of local measures over and above that proposed in the Environmental Statement or related detailed design. This could include works outside the limits of the HS2 Hybrid Bill.

Meeting minutes from the Review Group are listed on the HS2 website here.


The Chilterns AONB HS2 Detailed Design Principles

The Detailed Design Principles (DDP) document has been produced in response to an Assurance provided by HS2 during the passage of the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Act 2017 through Parliament: namely, that this guidance would be used by HS2 and their contractors to inform their design through the Chiltern’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The document has been written by landscape architects LUC, on behalf of the AONB Review Group in collaboration with the following organisations: Chilterns Conservation Board, Chiltern District Council, Aylesbury Vale District Council, Natural England and HS2 Ltd.

This document, a technical advice note, is intended to advise and inform the designers appointed by HS2 about the special landscape qualities of the AONB and to afford the said principles due weight and consideration in their design of the railway.

Chilterns AONB Review Group Terms of Reference
General Design Principles
Detailed Design Principles

The Additional Projects Fund

The Secretary of State has made £3m available to support work to identify local environmental integration and enhancement measures as Additional Projects within 3km either side of the HS2 route as it passes through the AONB.

The Review Group Panel will be reviewing the projects and deciding on the allocation of funding on a periodic basis. Due to the integration nature of the projects, some are not going to be started until after construction of the train line is almost complete.

Chilterns ANOB

Latest HS2 News

HS2: more sinkholes open up in the Chilterns

We are aware of a further two sinkholes appearing in farmed fields between Sibley’s Coppice and Frith Hill.

Hyde Heath Sinkhole

We have been made aware of a second sinkhole occurring above one of the HS2 tunnel boring machines (TBMs) in Hyde Heath.

Chilterns Conservation Board’s position on the cancellation of the Northern Leg of High Speed 2

The announcement by the Prime Minister cancelling HS2 north of Birmingham undermines the justification for the remaining section of the route.

Chilterns ANOB
Chilterns ANOB

Chilterns AONB Management Plan

The Chilterns AONB Management Plan 2019-24: Caring for the Chilterns forever and for everyone contains a comprehensive summary of the key issues facing the AONB and the management policies and actions needed to conserve this special place.
Chilterns ANOB

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