Blow’s Downs

The steep chalk hills rising from the edges of Luton and Dunstable have allowed this site to retain grassland rich in wildlife and full of colour with areas of scrub providing shelter for birds and insects.

The views from the top of the slope are well worth the climb, passing through flower-rich grassland as you go. The slopes are home to possibly the largest population of great pignut in the country. Field and small scabious, black and greater knapweed combine to give the hillside an infusion of late summer hues that are only equalled by the spread of orchids in some parts of the site, earlier in the year.

In spring and autumn visitors are attracted by the regular passing of migrant birds, feeding up before heading off once again on their way to their nesting, or wintering grounds. Wheatear, stonechat, whinchat and ring ouzel are among the favourites that may be seen.

Accessibility/terrain/walk info

Steep gradients up hill. Minor paths can be slippery when wet.

Facilities & accessibility

No formal facilities but a range of footpaths.

Keep dogs under close control, particularly near grazing animals.

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