Chorleywood Common

Chorleywood Common is an attractive 76 hectares of grassland and woodland located to the south of the A404 in Chorleywood. Its central location makes it very accessible for many local people and there is even a nearby London Underground station. It is set in an undulating landscape surrounded by a variety of buildings. The Parish Council is responsible for managing the common and there are a number of local rangers. This work is supported by the Friends of Chorleywood Common. The common’s management plan has recently been updated and funding has been obtained to help look after the wood and grassland.

The common is open to all on foot although cyclists are not permitted. There are permissive horse trails. A golf course on the common is private although non-members can play for a fee and cricket club is also hosted by the site.  The estate of Chorleywood House across the A404 provides an attractive additional area for walkers.

The mix of grassland, ponds and woodland provides excellent conditions for a wide range of flora and fauna. A notable feature is the three types of grassland which include communities of heather, orchids and harebells. In turn these support many butterflies, moths and other insects. All three native species of newt are found in the seven ponds on the common.

As with many other commons, Chorleywood has developed large areas of new woodland over the last 50 years. This has obscured some of the evidence of the grazing that has been a feature of the common since medieval times.

Accessibility/terrain/walk info

Some of the paths and mown grass areas are suitable for all visitors particularly in the drier months. Contact the parish council for further information.

Facilities & accessibility

There are three car parks on the common itself and parking is available in nearby roads.

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