Cuttlebrook Nature Reserve

With several different habitats in one easy-to-stroll site, it’s a unique piece of ‘semi-wild’ countryside. Meandering right through the reserve is a tributary of the River Thame called the ‘Cuttle Brook’, which springs to life in the Chilterns. The whole area now offers superb, open river-meadow views and a network of paths through about thirty acres of mixed meadows, young woodland, sedge and reed beds, hedges, trees, riverbanks and scrubland.

Used over centuries for grazing (especially on the way to Thame’s traditional Cattle Market) there are also signs of the medieval ‘open field’ ploughing system, with its ‘ridge and furrow’ humps and bumps. The area became designated as a Local Nature Reserve in 1995 and is now managed for nature conservation, much of the work being done by ‘Cuttle Brook Conservation Volunteers’.

Facilities & accessibility

Free Parking is normally available by the Scout Hut off Southern Road

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