Studham Common

This 28 hectare Bedfordshire common is divided into three sections by the two roads running across it. The smallest section is closest to the village and it has the most trees and scrub on it in addition to a football pitch. The middle and eastern sections are open in nature and offer good views of the village and nearby woods and fields. This peaceful corner of the Chilterns is only 5 miles away from Luton town centre.


Studham Common is popular location for local walkers and horse riders and the footpath network provides good links to the wider countryside for walkers in particular. Follow the Studham Common Walk to discover the common’s beautiful scenery and wildlife. The open nature of Studham Common lends itself well to a picnic or throwing a frisbee around. You can even join the Friends of Studham Common to help look after the site on the third Saturday of each month. There are also boards with plenty of additional information by the parking areas.


Dormice, skylarks, sparrowhawks and green woodpeckers are all notable species to be found on the common. In the spring and summer the meadow areas are a profusion of different colours and over 150 types of wildflowers can be found if you look carefully.


The middle and east sections were both ploughed for crops during the second world war which is why they are relatively free of trees and bushes. There have been some attempts to remedy this. In 1973, the AA planted two areas of beech trees although nobody knows why and 1977 saw a Jubilee copse planted.

Jubilee Copse was planted to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. Originally, 55 trees were planted, these have proved popular with the villagers who have planted more trees, scattered ashes of loved ones and planted flowers.

Millennium Yew

The Millennium Yew at Studham was planted by the Friends of Studham Common to commemorate the millennium.

It is situated in Middle Common, in Jubilee Copse.  In 2006 it was 1.73 metres tall.

Get involved

The Friends of Studham Common organise practical work parties on the common and survey the plants and animals that live there.  Their hard work is recognised regularly when they win a Green Flag Award.  To find out more go to

Accessibility/terrain/walk info

The open areas of grass and some fairly quiet access roads offer good access for all visitors although care is needed when there is traffic about. As with many sites, access for all is easier in the drier months when underfoot conditions are good.

Facilities & accessibility

Onsite parking is avaliable. There are information boards and way marked trails on the common. Dog litter bins are also provided. The close proximity to Studham village makes this an easy common to find and there is a nearby pub for refreshments

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