The Oxfordshire Woodland Group

The Oxfordshire Woodland Group

The Oxfordshire Woodland group organises visits & practical conservation work, encouraging volunteers to learn about woodlands and timber and its many uses and associated craft.

We have a demonstration woodland in South Oxfordshire where we have built a cruck timber-framed barn that affords volunteers with a warm and dry environment in which to work and converse. We have a fully serviced executive portaloo to ensure all day volunteer comfort & privacy in the great outdoors.


Oxfordshire Woodland Group

Cruck timber-framed barn to provide volunteers with shelter

You can also get involved with The Oxfordshire Woodland Group in other ways:

  • OWG provide opportunities for educational establishments to visit and learn about woodland management, inc. historical practices and related archaeology with a specialism in building with timber.
  • OWG want to help young people get out into the countryside to learn about woodland management, timber building and woodcraft skills thereby improving their physical and mental wellbeing. OWG trustees and fellows are of the older generation and are keen to share and transfer their lifetime’s knowledge and experience gained to help encourage and improve intergenerational employability skills.
  • OWG aim to break down barriers perceived to exist that might be preventing young people from aspiring to access, own and / or manage woodland which if overcome can lead to gaining skills in managing woodland, producing and utilising timber to build in an eco friendly and sustainable manner.
  • Training and work experience opportunities are provided to aspiring woodland workers.
  • OWG will fund promising volunteers to attend approved training courses, purchase tools and personal protective clothing & equipment.
  • Climate change concerns demand that the woodland resource needs to be carefully managed for the benefit of us all.
  • On better weather days the group undertake such outdoors activities such as fencing, tree planting, seed gathering, etc.
  • Examination and recording woodland phenology of flora & fauna inc. annual bluebell picnic.
  • Media publishing of group activities inc. web forum, Twitter, book publication, etc.
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We currently have a opportunity for an off-grid electrical power system designer – please do get in touch if you can help either by emailing or see our twitter account